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Portugal , Saturday 24 February 2018

News Portugal » Braganza: Sintra: Former royal playground now open to all

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Publication date: Saturday 17 February 2018

SINTRA, Portugal — Mom never told me there could be days like ... Portuguese royal Catherine of Braganza. The hotel’s had no idea that Madonna was visiting, until “this fantastic car arrived,” Custodio said. “Madonna was very polite to me and ...

News Portugal » Braganza: 7 things you (probably) didn’t know about Samuel Pepys

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Publication date: hursday 22 February 2018

When Catherine of Braganza, the future wife of Charles II, arrived in Portsmouth on 14 May 1662, one of the first things she asked for was a cup of tea. A chest of tea was given as part of her dowry from her father King John IV of Portugal, and although ...

News Portugal » Braganza: Duke of Braganza, Claimant to Throne, Is Dead in Portugal

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Publication date: Friday 24 December 1976

LISBON, Dec. 24—Dom Duarte Nuno, the Duke of Braganza and claimant to the Portuguese throne, which was abolished in 1910, died in a hospital here today at the age of 69. He had suffered from an unknown illness for a number of years and had requested ...

News Portugal » Braganza: The true story behind England’s tea obsession

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Publication date: Sunday 27 August 2017

View image of Few people know that it was the Portuguese who inspired tea’s popularity in England (Credit: Credit: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images) Travel back in time to 1662, when Catherine of Braganza (daughter of Portugal’s King John IV ...

News Portugal » Braganza: Portugal: all alone in spring-time Alentejo

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Publication date: Sunday 30 January 2011

Our week in the Alentejo in Portugal region ... In the great hall, portraits of 17 Braganza dukes gaze from the ceiling. I spotted a painting which the British gave to Catherine of Braganza on her return to Portugal after the death of her husband, Charles ...

News Portugal » Braganza: A Little-Known Royal Plaque in Portsmouth

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Publication date: Wednesday 01 November 2017

Catharine of Braganza landed in state, May 14 1662 previous to her marriage with Charles II at the Domus Dei a week later“. Catharine, the Portuguese-born consort of Charles II, was the daughter of Joao IV of Portugal and his wife, Luísa Maria Francisca ...

News Portugal » Braganza: Medieval Festa, Silves, Portugal

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Publication date: Friday 09 August 2013

Each represents a different city in Portugal: Braganza, Coimbra, Algarve and the Black knight from Languedoc, France. These well developed characters: the proudly vain White Knight, the earnest but fallible Gold Knight, the Noble and Heroic Red Knight and ...

News Portugal » Braganza: Portuguese prince visits Immaculate Conception Church in Bangkok

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Publication date: onday 12 June 2017

HRH Prince Duarte Pio, Duke of Braganza, head of the Royal House of Portugal, on Sunday visited the Church of Immaculate Conception of Bangkok in the Samsen area of Dusit district. The Duke presented the community with a statue of the Portuguese Immaculate ...

News Portugal » Braganza: Rhapsody in blue: A poetic history on tiles

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Publication date: Sunday 29 January 2017

The azulejos at the iconic Institute Menezes Braganza in Panaji are definitely sitting much ... before it moved up to southern Spain during the 15th century. But it was in Portugal that the art of tile decoration really evolved by the mid-16th century.

News Portugal » Braganza: Miss Saigon Alum Miguel Braganza Celebrates 30 Years In the Biz on May 2

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Publication date: uesday 01 April 2014

Originally from the Philippines, Miguel Braganza II, Walter Terry scholar in the dance performance ... joined the cast of the U.S. and international productions (Germany, Canada, UK, and Portugal) of Cameron Mackintosh’s megamusical “Miss Saigon ...